Rian (lalaith83) wrote in gamenerd_innen,

- Name: Rian
- Age: 20
- Country/place: Holland, Den Haag
- Best game: FFX, Myst Exile, Reah, Zelda (Ocarina)
- Best character: definately Auron. And maybe Seifer. Seifer is a good bad guy, Auron is just...weird. I like weird :p
- Most worse character: Quistus I think... I don't really have a good reason for that, she just really annoyed me.
- Best console: PS2 & pc
- A picture of you ( cosplayed would be fun ) :

- A picture of a game you like:

Well, that's all. I just wanted to add I FINALLY got Nemesis! It took me ages...but after trying to defeat Shinryu for almost 2 hours I finally got him. Didn't beat him though. Of course not. But I'm so happy!!!
Just wanted to get that out, I've been frustrated about not having every monster in the arena for way too long.
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