Rian (lalaith83) wrote in gamenerd_innen,

- Name: Rian
- Age: 20
- Country/place: Holland, Den Haag
- Best game: FFX, Myst Exile, Reah, Zelda (Ocarina)
- Best character: definately Auron. And maybe Seifer. Seifer is a good bad guy, Auron is just...weird. I like weird :p
- Most worse character: Quistus I think... I don't really have a good reason for that, she just really annoyed me.
- Best console: PS2 & pc
- A picture of you ( cosplayed would be fun ) :

- A picture of a game you like:

Well, that's all. I just wanted to add I FINALLY got Nemesis! It took me ages...but after trying to defeat Shinryu for almost 2 hours I finally got him. Didn't beat him though. Of course not. But I'm so happy!!!
Just wanted to get that out, I've been frustrated about not having every monster in the arena for way too long.
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I gave up trying to collect every monster there could possibly be. I also gave up trying to beat even a single monster the arena-person made.
But then again, I had puny, insignificant characters and I just wanted to finish the story. :P
LOL that was my first plan. But suddenly I became obsessed with capturing monsters...So I decided to finish that first :p

Yay for the Auron!!

Hmph, don't you think Rinoa is annoying too?
Actually, I kind of liked her.....

But indeed, yay for Auron!

UGH!!!!! * barf *

Yay for tha Auron again

* dronken ist * ya!!
nemesis is easy just cast auto live and get at least 1 of youre chars hp above 30.000 and of course youre str def eva and the rest except magic and luck 255 with all chars ( the 3 main chars off coures )and dont use overdrives cause he will counter with ultima just hit with normal atks and use magnus and anima overdrives
LOL you say that as if it's nothing :p
But for now I have only one character with hp above 9999, and that's Auron, who has about 12000 hp. None of my characters have reached strength of 255 yet....so I guess I still have a long way to go :p
yeah it kan take a while but atleast you got all area contest beasts so you van get str spheres hp shperes ect but first activate the entire sphere grid before you start filling up empty nodes but youlle get there if you keep playing