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I was reading theories about Final Fantasy 7 advent children... this is a funny one..

Category: Tifa 28 July 2004

Tifa is in the movie, but she's not Cloud's girlfriend. I don't see how they could possibly have them hook up unless Aeris stays dead and gives her blessing, but that would never happen. Tifa probably dies in some grand gesture that will help Cloud or Aeris live.

By the way, I never liked her and thought that she was a terrible person for lying to/with Cloud about certain things. I hope whoever was right and she does hook up with Barett.


In Final Fantasy 7 Cloud gets a date on a boring day, it depends on choices you made ( sentences ) who your date will be. Mostly it will be Aeris or Tifa, but I heard that if you screwed up you have a little chance to get Yuffie ( oh no! ) or worse Barett as your date. ahahaha!
Hopefully Tifa will hook up with Barett indeed.. not that I hate her like Rinoa.. but Aeris is prettier.
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