Danielle (ex_psycho_ba647) wrote in gamenerd_innen,

my introduce

- Name: Danielle
- Age: 18
- Country/place: Nieuwveen in the Netherlands
- Best game: Final Fantasy games and Pristontales, a mmorpg I played before it went pay to play
- Best character: my atalanta from Pristontales cause she is hot, Seymour and Isaaru from ffx and Cloud and Vincent of ff7 are hot too...
- Most worse character: Rinoa! She's dumb, ugly, naive, weak and too happy.. ugh! She was really irritating me.
- Best console: ps2 and pc

Sorry, dun have a cosplayed one. But a german girl who also played pristontales, told me I look like a priestess of pristontales on the picture, cause of the hair..

Omg.. this picture is amazing! I really laughed my pants off.. gosh, Tidus and Seymour are making such more a nice couple than Tidus and Yuna or Seymour and Yuna!

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